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It’s really disgusting when the fandom shows misplaced sympathy for Shiori. I will ALWAYS hate her. You wouldn’t forgive her if she were a hot guy and hurt Juri, so why do you forgive her for being a backstabbing, conniving, asshole? It is actually ANTI-feminist to let her off the hook.

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    Uh, BULLSHIT. This is complete BULLSHIT. I can completely understand hating shiori. Believe me, I can. But saying that...
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    To be honest I belive a lot of the fans opinions about any character would change if they were genderbender. So if...
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    #shiori as a closeted bi girl 4ever tbh #I’m reasonably convinced she loved juri back but was so mired in self-loathing...
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    ok. there’s lots of reason to hate shiori, she’s manipulative and lashes out at juri, blaming her friend for her own...
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    I just hate it because they’re a-okay with hating Shiori as WELL as being apologetic toward Ruka. Personally, I like...
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    I always forget about Ruka too @-@. I think I had breakfast on the brain. But god. This fandom’s apologetic attitude...
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    What rinny said. Also, I find it extremely misogynistic to compare the actions of an insecure teenage girl to those of...
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